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TD Maintenance
7. Maintenance
(1) Clear up the fabric scraps adhered to the rotating basket weekly.
(2) Clear up the steel filter weekly.
(3) Clean the machine body, motor, belt pulley per month.
(4) Check and clean the vent-pipes, specially the elbowed parts every 3 months.
(5) Check and adjust the joints, bolts and V belt every 6 months.
(6) Lubricate the motor bearings, rotating basket and belt pulley bearings periodically.
8. Trouble shootings




(1) The rotation basket motor cannot start.

① Motor controller malfunctions.
② Reverse controller failures.
③ Connection loosen.
④ Motor burnout.

① Replace the motor controller.
② Reverse the reverse controller.
③ Re-connect the wires.
④ Replace the motor.

(2) Exhaust motor cannot


① Motor controller malfunctions.
② Controller loosen.
③ Motor burnout.

① Replace the motor controller.
② Re-connect the wires.
③ Reverse the motor.

(3) Both rotating basket motor and exhaust motor cannot start.

① The tumbler fuse burns off.
② Certain part in the circuit breaks.
③ Relay switch malfunction.
④Machine door safety button
damaged. Or break in the circuit.
⑤ Temperature and timer controller damaged.
⑥ Relay control switch damaged.

① Replace the fuse.
② Check the circuit.
③ Replace the relay switch.
④ Check the button and the
⑤ Replace temperature and timer Controller.
⑥ Replace the relay control

(4) The rotation basket only runs at one direction

① Reverse controller
② Reverse time controller

① Replace the reverse controller.
② Replace reverse time controller.

(5) Hot circulation cannot be processed.

① Air supply valve damaged.
② Air supply valve vibrant.
③ Heat exchanger protection action in case over heat..
④Thermostat in the Exhaust
Chamber damaged.
⑤ Heat exchanger controller
⑥ Temperature selector damaged.

① Replace the air supply valve.
a. Check exhaust motor direction.
b. Check the vent system if jams.
② Replace the over heat protector.
③ Replace the thermostat.
④ Replace the controller. Replace the temperature
⑥ Re-connect the temperature set connection.

(6) Tumbler malfunction on setting a certain temperature.

Loose connection in temperature selector.

Re-connect the temperature set connection.

(7) The drying time too long

① Over heat protector acts.
② The exhaust system is not up to the requirements.
③ Jam in vent-pipes.
④ Lack of air supply.
⑤ Heavy dust on the filter.
⑥ Mistaken operations.
⑦ Air supply valve error.
⑧ A certain component inside the heat exchanger damaged.
⑨ Exhaust motor rotates oppositely.

① Referring to (8).
② Rectify referring to the exhaust requirements.
③ Clear the dust away.
④ Rectify referring to the exhaust requirements.
⑤ Clean the filter.
⑥ Referring to Operation part.
⑦ Adjust or replace the valve.
⑧ a.. Check the copper tubes;
b. Check the heat exchanger.
⑨ Adjust the rotation direction of exhaust motor.


(8) High temperature

protection state occurs

① Exhaust motor burnout.
② Exhaust motor rotates.
③ Lack of air supply.
④ Vent-pipes are not up to the
⑤ Heavy dust on the filter.
⑥ Over heat protector damaged.
⑦ Heat exchanger temperature controller damaged.

① Replace the exhaust motor.
② Adjust the rotation direction.
③ Rectify referring to ventilation.
④ Rectify referring to ventilation requirements.
⑤ Clear the dust away.
⑥ Replace over heat protector.
⑦ Replace Heat exchanger
temperature controller.

(9) Motor often at state of

over heating or over loading.

① The power supply is not
② Dust blocks the motor intake.
③ Wear abrasion of bearings.
④ V-triangle belt is too tighten.
⑤ Motor burnout..

① Adjust the power supply.
② Clean up the motor intake.
③ Replace the bearings.
④ Adjust the belt.
⑤ Replace the motor..

(10) Cooling water on the machine door window.

① The vent-pipes are not up to
② No single-way valve in the
③ Block in vent-pipes.

① Rectify referring to exhaust
② Equip a single-way valve.
③ Clear the dust away.

(11) Noise inside the rotating basket while running.

① Certain object wraps the basket.
② Loosen of basket bearings.
③ Loosen of basket shaft..
④ Damage of basket seat.

① Certain and clean the basket.
② Tighten the fixing bearing
③ Tighten the shaft screws.
④ Replace the basket seat.

(12) Abnormal noise or shake in tumble dryer when running

① Tumbler seat base unlevel.
② Unbalance or damage of exhaust fan.
③ Loosen of basket shaft.
④ Unbalance of basket.
⑤ Basket seat damaged.
⑥ Loosen of motor seat.
⑦ Bearing damaged.
⑧ V-belt is too loosen or too

① Level the tumbler.
② Replace the leaves of the fan.
③ Tighten the shaft screws.
④ Balance the basket.
⑤ Replace the bearings.
⑥ Tighten the motor seat.
⑦ Replace the bearings.
⑧ Adjust the belt.


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