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HD Maintenance
5. Maintenance
(1) Maintenance is the main method for the machine to have a long service time and improve the working efficiency.
(2) The operator and maintenance worker must read the instructions carefully and observe the operational rules and regulations strictly.
(3) Do a plan for preparing the wearing parts in advance.
(4) Often check and lubricate the machine.
(5) The main shaft driving system of the circulation pump is the most important part of the machine, which can affect the dyeing result directly. So it must be checked and maintained periodically. If found leakage, vibration or loud noise caused by the worn pulley belts or too large bearing clearance; if periodical high frequency noise occurs by collision of the impellers, repair or replace the damaged parts in time.
(6) Be sure to start the circulation pump only after water is full filled.
(7) In normal conditions, all the mechanical sealing parts should be replaced periodically. Lubricate the specified parts every 2-3 months. Clean up the remained yarn between the impellers or shafts every week.
(8) Avoid bias on the locking nut, or the door sealing may be damaged.
(9) As the remained cooling water inside the indirect heating coil freezes in cold areas, direct hot water must be inlet into the coil and immerse for 15-20 minutes before supplying indirect heating steam next time. Make sure to drain up the remained water, can close the cooling water drain valve.
(10) Check the temperature gauge periodically to ensure the dyeing quality.
(11) Dyestuff containing strong acid or chlorine ion content over 25 PPM is not suitable for the series machine, or the service time of the machine may be shortened.

6. Wearing Parts


HD-5 ~ HD-100

HD-200 ~ HD-1200

Mechanical seal of circulation pump



Mechanical seal of additions pump


Single-row conical roller bearing



Oil seal




Door seal

Referring to the attached diagram


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