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GE Installation and maintenance

5. Installation and maintenance
(1) Location
The installation place should be conveniently accessible well-ventilated, effective in drainage. The base must be level.
(2) Connect to the power and earth , and then connect with water tubes and steam tubes.
(3) The whole installation should be secure.
(4) Install motor and reducer. Please note the tightness degree of the belts. Lubricate the reducer before operation.
(5) All the valves should be able to be conveniently operated without any leaking.
(6) When tubes are connected, please clean up the dirt inside tubes first, and then check the connection points to be sealed without leaking.
(7) Lubricate all the oil holes periodically to ensure the moving parts flexible.
(8) Check the tightness degree of the belts and do adjustment periodically.
(9) Adjust the locking nuts on motor, reducer and bearing support periodically.

7. Trouble shooting


Possible Causes

After pushing on the start button, the motor do not move.

  No power supply;
  The control power line is disconnected;
  Fault in motor wires;

Direct and indirect steam heating is very slowly.

  The steam pressure is not enough;
  Blocks in the steam tubes;

Dye liquor in the kier overflows.

  The liquor level is too high;
  The speed of rotor is too fast.

The steam valves and water valves leak.

The valves seal are loose;


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