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MD Maintenance

(1) As most parts of the machine is made of stainless steel, do not use steel brush to clean the machine to avoid damage the surface of the stainless steel.
And when unpacking the machine, do not use stainless steel tools to beat, just use copper or wooden hammer.
(2) Dyestuff of strong acid or chlorine ion content over 25 PPM is not suitable for the kier.
(3) Often check the kier cover, tubes, valves and keep them in good condition. If the seal of the kier mouth is aging, please replace it in time.
(4) Check the pressure gauge, temperature gauge and safety valve periodically.
(5) Often wash the kier and keep it clean without dirt, thus protect the circulation pump and mechanical seal.
(6) Pump operation without liquor is forbidden, as mechanical seal may be damaged.
(7) Lubricate the circulation pump per day. Exchange the pump seal in case of leaking.
(8) Put desiccating agent inside the control cabinet to keep it dry for moisture-proof.


News Center

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