Heshan Perfect Dyeing Equipment Factory Co.,Ltd.
  Address:No. 2883 Heshan Avenue( Chikan industrial zone), Heshan, Guangdong, China

Postal Code:529700

                    About Us
Since the date of its establishment, Perfect has been devoting itself to development and production of textile dyeing & finishing machineries. Our company keeps importing advanced production technique of the world to improve and perfect functions of its own products. The key components of the products are imported to ensure excellent quality and performance.
Our company's most competitive product------CO series large capacity Hydro-Extractor has reached the same level of the same kind of foreign products. It has received scientific and technological awards for many times. Main products are as the following:
Laboratory equipments: CT-2000 Color Matching Light Cabinet., AD Atmospheric Sample Dyeing Machine, HS Automatic High Temperature Sample Dyeing Machine, DO series Drying Oven, MD Mini Stenter; SD-400 Sample Dyeing Mangle,HS-B Infrared Ray Sample Dyeing Machine etc. .
Various dyeing machines and dryers: GE series Garment Dyeing Machine, GW Garment Washing Machine and TD Tumble Dryer, HD series Hank Dyeing Cabinet and HR Hank Dryer, GF Loose Fiber Dyeing Machine and LD Loose Fiber Dryer, DM High Temperature Cone Dyeing Machine and CD Cone Dryer etc..
Various finishing machines: HP-800 Continuous Hydro-Extractor for Packages,DF series Tubular Fabric Vertical Dryer, TF series Inspection Rolling Machine, ME Tubular Fabric Slitting Machine, etc..
Our products are sold to different parts of country. Besides, we have sales and service centers in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian and Xiashan etc.. Products are also exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Thailand,Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey etc..
About Us

All-match sample dyeing machine
High speed hydro extractor for laboratory
Automatic hydro-extractor for packages