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ALL-MATCH DYER is our newest innovated model with unique heat conduction. This special heat conduction theory well integrates the advantages of conventional glycerin type sample dyeing machine into Infrared dyeing machine. And both models' (Conventional and IR dyer) imperfections have been improved in this newest design for most perfect sample dyeing result. All-Match Sample Dyeing Machine is most suitable for constant temperature dyeing or temperature heating curve dyeing.

ALL-MATCH Dyer is most suitable for the following tests:
Color matching, dyeing test;
Dispersing dyeing, level dyeing and penetrant test;
Sectional dyeing test;
Wash fastness tests.
Dry cleaning fastness tests.
High or low liquor ratio absorption test;
Concentration test.

The special heat medium can conduct the heating source to each dye pot for level dyeing temperature. So no temperature difference between each dye pot in the rotary disc.
Dye pots can be easily plugged in or unloaded from the rotary disc.
Able to plug or unload any dye pot during the process with no temperature dropping.
Electric heating mode with air cooling system achieves rapid heating and cooling.
Available for sample dyeing of ratio from1:5 to 1:30 and samples from 5g to 40g. Even the lo  
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