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The lifting centrifuge is suitable for centrifuging dyed and bleached fiber cakes.
Dyed fiber cake on lifting disk; the extraction chains are suspended from the sturdy upper part of the basket also suitable for transport.
The dimensions of the centrifuge basket (inner diameter, centre dome, inner height) are adjusted to the respective dimension of the fiber cakes.
The basket outer wall is tapered (enlarged) towards the top so that the fiber cakes can be easily removed from the centrifuge basket after the centrifuging process.
Advanced inverter control system for timing, automatic braking, and varied revolving speed as requirement for excellent performance.
Pneumatic lid device is for safe operation.
Fully controlled by electrical apparatus without machine brakes, thus can reduce mechanical maintenance greatly.

Examples of different extractors centrifuge designs:

Packing cylinder dimension of dyeing or bleaching equipment:

Inner diameter

1500 mm

Center hole

500 mm

Height of cake

600 mm

Centrifuge e.g. CO-F1500850

Diameter of basket

1550 mm

Inner height of basket

700 mm

Center dome

460 mm for upper; 480 for bottom

We reserve our rights to change the specification without prior notice.  
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