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Multlight design, suitable for wide applications: textiles, dyestuff, paints, papers, plastics, cosmetics, and etc.
Pushbuttons selection for minimizing error, and offering the possibility of obtaining a certain light source individually and independentaly or any combinations o available light sources.
Neutral-grey painted viewing compartment to avoid any color pollution during color assessment.
Ease in operation, ensure accuracy of color matching.

[Light Sources]

D65 artificial day light at temperture 6500K, average North daylight, Measure up with the standards(CIE)of International Lighting Academy.
other daylight sources for choice:
D75(temperature 7500K, North daylight);
D50(temperature 5000K, average Noon daylight) 
UV ultraviolet preferable and advisable for assessment of fluorescent or whitening object. 
F filament light essential for metamerism testing. 
TL 84 triphosphor lamp at temperature 4100K, for use in Europe.
Other fluorescent light sources for choice;
Ultralume 30 at temperature 3000K for use in America.
CWF cool white fluorescent at temperature 4150K for use in shops or offices.
Other light source(s)may be possible upon customer's request.

[Technical Data]

Overall: Length 680 Width 530 Height 640mm;
Viewing Compartment: Length 650 Width 500 Height 430mm;
Weight: 28kg

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