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The machine is specially designed for easy and efficient inspecting on both sides of tubular fabric in single pass operation.
Double sides of the mirror for inspecting for more wide and clear sight
Wireless lit-up device for lightening system with magnetic suspending lightening cabinet which can avoid the clamping mark of the fabric.
The inspecting speed can be controlled by inverter as requirement.
Pneumatic fabric loading and unloading device;
Multi-size inspecting lightening cabinets from width 18”~48” can meet different requirements of varied fabric.
Two modes of fabric layout: rolling or plaiting for choice;
Remote Foot Pedal for convenient operation.


Max. working width :≤1450㎜
Fabric speed :0~40m/min;
Rolling diameter :≤500㎜
Driving motor :0.4kW;
Power supply :220V
Pressure of the cylinder :≤6MPa;
Machine Dimensions :1950mm×1850mm×2000mmm。

We reserve our rights to change the specification without prior notice.

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