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The machine is suitable for textile factory, dyeing & printing factory to make quality inspecting for open- width knit fabric without tension.
Advanced infrared edge-detector offers automatic detecting and aligning to assure accurate edge-alignment control before fabric rolling.
Automatic tension control frame allows the fabric delivery in a relaxed tensionless state during inspecting and rolling.
The fabric speed can be controlled by inverter with remote foot pedal for convenient operation.
Both front and rear edging devices ensure no crease or crimping of the fabric. Optional extra edge blowing device can be offered as the customers’ requirement.
Mechanical yard/meter counter offers true length measurement of fabric.
The quality data statistic can be connected to the printer for report.
Inspection table provides ergonomically design for high speed operation with easy vision of all fabric faults; also equipped with overhead illumination device.





Working Width

≤2300mm (90”)

≤2500mm (100”)

Working Speed

0~50m/min (Adjustable by inverter)

Aligning Precision


Length Counting Precision


Max Rolling Diameter 500mm
Power Supply 220V
Driving Motor Power 1.1kw 0.75kw

Dimensions  (mm)

3000×3200×2200 3300×3200×2200

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