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High quality stainless steel inner and outer basket for long service time.
Large capacity, high hydro-extraction efficiency, but low energy consumption.
Advanced inverter control system for timing, automatic braking, varied revolving speed as requirement, etc. for excellent perfor- mance.
Pneumatic lid device for safe operation .
Fully controlled by electrical apparatus without machine brakes thus reduce echanical maintenance greatly.
Super silence and super balance for excellent working environ- ment.
Seperate stainless steel fabric loading and unloading device for more convenient peration and no damage or pollution to the fabric.
Newest automatic control processor with Chinese display series for customers hoice.
[Technical Data]
Model CO-800 CO-1200 CO-1500 CO-H1500 CO-1800 CO-2000
Inner Basket(mm) ∮800H500 ∮1200H600 ∮1500H600 ∮1500H700 ∮1800H820 ∮2000H820
Capacity(kg) 150 380 600 650 1200 1500
Power(kw) 2.2 5.5 10 10 15 18.5
Rotation Speed(rpm) ≤750 ≤750 ≤750 ≤750 ≤600 ≤600
14501150 1080 18001600 1220 21501800 1300 21501800 1400 25502200 1530 29002400 1700
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